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IASCK is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1997 for the purpose of fostering, promoting and encouraging the development and distribution to the public of useful inventions and discoveries. This Internet site was developed to assist our members and guests with some hints and links to many other helpful sites.

IASCK - February 22th, 2016




Please join us on February 22 to hear Jatin Talreja explain the ins and outs of building websites without cost or coding.  Mr. Talreja is the CEO of Viaan Electronics and a member of the Borad of Directors of the Inventor’s Association of South Central Kansas for 2016. He is an innovator, entrepreneur, engineer, and product development guru. Viaan Electronics specializes in bringing a product from an idea all the way to production and everything in between. Currently the team of VE is heavily involved in "Internet of Things" in the industrial and commercial space by developing customized platforms for several companies. VE specializing in designing all kinds of electronics and software including wireless and non-wireless gadgets. 


The meetings will be held at the Rhatigan Student Center located on the  Wichita State University campus. We will meet in room #262, the Herman Room, on the second floor. The room is located at the northeast corner of the building. Parking lot 7 is reserved for visitors and staff. 

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