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IASCK is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1997 for the purpose of fostering, promoting and encouraging the development and distribution to the public of useful inventions and discoveries.  This Internet site was developed to assist our members and guests with some hints and links to many other helpful sites.

IASCK - Overview of Meetings for 2015

New for 2015

The meetings will be held at the WSU Student Union Center. We meet at 6:00pm sign in, 6:30pm meeting starts and adjourns at 9:00pm. We will have a "Meeting after the Meeting" from 9:00pm to 9:45pm to share information with those interested in hearing more of what your products and services are all about.

If you have a product that is patent pending or market ready bring it along and share it with others at our Demonstration table.

The Events Calendar below contains dates and the programs that are scheduled for the meetings. Make sure and mark your calendar or sign up to get our email newsletter about the speaker and meeting. We will send it to you about a week from the date so you can plan it into your week.

If you would like to be a speaker for one of our meetings, please contact us with details.


Schedule of events for 2015

1/27/15     Show & Tell      6 Inventors will share their ideas or inventions
2/23/15     Ken Jack            Patent Attorney
5/18/15     change of day because of Memorial Day weekend
11/23?/15  change o
f day because of Thanksgiving
12/11/15    c
hange of day because of Christmas


This was the Schedule of events for 2014

Date             Program                         Speaker                                                             Topic
1/27/2014... Show & Tell                    6-8 Inventors      Demonstrate and Show us what you've got! Get feedback!
2/24/2014... TOUR                             Heather Hogan              Envision - Manufacturing Plant 2nd shift -
                                                                                                            non-profit for the visually impaired and blind

3/24/2014... Provisional Patents        Gary Stecklein               How does a provisional patent save me money.
4/28/2014... Possible Assignees         Laura Gast         How to find Assignees or Licenseing possibilities                 
5/19/2014... KSBDC                            Alan Badgley      See what KSBDC can do for your invention and business     
6/23/2014... Show us what you got   Gary Stecklein               Three inventors showed their products
7/28/2014... Promoting Games          Charlie Potter                Inventing games can be a great way to do business!
8/25/2014.Technology start up    Nicholas Bennington    What you need to start a Technology Start-up
9/22/2014...PR for your Product        Justin McLure                  Learn from an expert/entreprenuer what you
                                                                                                    need to do to promote your product!     
10/27/2014.Hobbies to Inventions    Mark Logan                 Learn new things from the Science Learning Center.
11/17/2014...Patent Questions       Kenneth Jack - Patent Attorney     Bring your questions
12/12/2014...Annual Dinner -  Celebratory meeting -   Dinner, Voting on new officers and budget for 2015.


 This was the Schedule of events for 2013

Date             Program                            Speaker                        Topic
1/28/2013... Show & Tell                      6-8 Inventors           Demonstrate and Show us what you've got!
2/25/2013... Cancelled                                                          due to snow
3/25/2013... Website InventKansas    Renae Autrey            "In's and out's of InventKansas.com"
4/22/2013... American Invent Act        Robert Blinn              "Changes due to the American Invent Act 2012"
5/20/2013... KSBDC                             Ross Jordan              "Concept to Cash"
6/24/2013... Active Aging                     Becky Funke             "Stay young at any age by Inventing"
7/22/2013. As Seen On TV                 Carrie Jeske                "How to earn $300,000 by inventing products for TV"
8/26/2013...TOUR NCAT                      Michelle Ruder            "How Aviation  training facility creates job growth In Wichita?"
9/23/2013... Researcher's exp.          Gary Stecklein             "How researchers evaluate your invention for success"
10/28/2013...TOUR High Touch           Wayne Chambers       "The Trend is Technology, become a part of it, learn how!"
11/25/2013... Show & Tell                   6-8 Inventors             Demonstrate and Show us what you've got!
12/20/2013...Annual Dinner -         Celebratory meeting - Voting on new officers and budget for 2014.


This was the Schedule of events for 2012

Date             Program                       Speaker                                          Topic
1/30/2012... Show & Tell - 7 presented their inventions, 3 tied for 1st place.
2/27/2012... Tour TRP Esther Headley & Robert Ross - How to validate & market your product through focus groups.
3/26/2012... Shark Tank Expedition - John & Laurene Gast - What are Venture Capitalists looking for in you or your product.
4/30/2012... Wichita Eagle - Carrie Rengers - How to utilize the newspaper and blogs for coming up with ideas and trends.
5/21/2012... Generation Boom - Carmen Davis - How to use magazines to get a more in-depth look at trends and information.
6/25/2012... Grant Writing - Fred McLean - How grant writing might be a funding opportunity.
7/30/2012... Licensing Products - Brian Clothier - Why should I license my Invention?
8/27/2012... WIBA - Tim Witsman - Why should I start a business in Kansas?
9/24/2012... Congressman Mike Pompeo - Better business through better legislation!
10/29/2012...Wichita Technology Corp. - Bruce Goodwin - What are Venture Capitalists and Government looking to fund?
11/26/2012...Kennedy & Coe CPA's - Donna Funk - What bookkeeping strategies and tax credits are available to Inventors!
12/14/2012...Annual Dinner - Celebratory meeting - Voting on new officers and budget for 2013.

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Gary Stecklein - Secretary / Treasurer
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Laurene Gast - Statistical Secretary
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