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August 22nd, 2016 6:30PM IASCK Monthly Meeting

Learn What It Takes To Be Successful In Marketing Your Inventions by Ralph Lagergren


Ralph Lagergren grew up in a small town, Lincoln, in central Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State in marketing and then spent 15 years working in corporate ranging from marketing research, to sales, to management. His first major step out into the world of inventing and entrepreneurship was the development of a new combine of which the patent and technology rights were sold to John Deere in a multi-million dollar deal. A book, Dream Reaper, highlights all the ups and downs of this development before success was attained. Since then he has developed several projects with successes and failures and truly understands what it takes to be successful and has adjusted his approach to hedge his bets on having more successes than failures.   When asked what he does Ralph used to respond that he develops new products, but when people didn't understand what that entailed Ralph lays out exactly what he does: #1) he is 1/4 inventor, #2) he his 1/4 instigator . . . meaning when he works with other people he pulls out all the different ways to make this new invention, #3) he is a big picture person understanding very likely what will happen down the road, and #4) he is 1/4 a combination of PR man, financier, manager of projects, key decision maker, and the negotiator on deals.     IASCK meets in the Hermann Room (#262, 2nd Floor, N.E. corner) of the Rhatigan Student Center of the WSU starting at 6:30pm.  Parking Lot 7 is reserved for visitors and staff.   Anyone interested in learning more about IASCK is invited to attend one of our meetings.   Services available to members include exhibiting an invention during our meeting and receiving group feedback and obtaining counseling starting at 5:30 pm prior to our meeting, or at other prearranged times.  To schedule an exhibition or specific allotment of counseling time please contact Gary Stecklein at 316-667-2497. Please RSVP here to let us know how if you planning to attend our next meeting and how many guests you may be bringing.  Remember guests can attend 1 free meeting before joining our organization.     If you would like a reminder, please subscribe to our newsletter. Click the subscribe button located in the top right corner of this page. We require all new visitors to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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